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Are You Children Prepared for Back to School?

on August 13, 2012

Once again, Summer is coming to a close and children are getting ready to head back to school for another year of education and learning. How can we, as parents, best prepare our children for the academic challenges of the school year ahead?  Aside from having all the usual back to school paraphernalia; back packs, note books, organizers, calculators and pencils, don’t we owe it to our kids to make sure their vision is the best that it could be?

What’s most interesting is that 50% of our brain’s processing power is devoted to seeing and vision.  It is a well know fact that 80% of all we learn is VISUAL, and if a child has a vision deficits they could be falling behind the learning curve. The Vision Counsel of America reports that 1 in every 4 children has a vision problem that can interfere with learning and behavior.  Another study shows a whopping 85% of America’s pre-schoolers haven’t received a vision exam by age five. And a pre-kindergarten exam is a must (don’t assume school-offered vision screenings are enough). Studies also show that 60% of students identified as problem learners have undetected vision troubles.

There are many types of vision issues that a typical pediatric screening will not address or find.  The only way to be sure that your child vision is working it’s best is to have a comprehensive eye exam with an Optometrist.  Aside from looking at refractive issues of the eye (the prescription), an Optometrist will assess how the eyes work together, look closely at all the internal structures of the eye and their function, check for color blindness issues (1 in 10 males have some form of color blindness), and assess peripheral vision.  Lazy eye, is the most common cause of visual impairment in childhood and if caught early can most times be corrected.  The good news is that annual eye exams can protect your child’s vision, their overall health and their education.

If your child is displaying any of the following symptoms or behaviors, you may want to take them in to an eye doctor for a comprehensive exam:

  • Dislike or avoidance of reading
  • Short attention span
  • Poor coordination when throwing or catching a ball, copying from chalkboard, or tying their shoes
  • Placing their head close to their books or sitting close to the TV
  • Excessive blinking or eye rubbing
  • Using finger or pencil to guide eyes
  • Decreasing performance in school

Your child does not have the ability to understand or describe vision problems.  If they have never experienced what good vision is, how can they know the difference?  Have peace of mind about your child’s vision this new school year by getting them in for a comprehensive eye exam with your local Optometrist!


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