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Brand New Lens Technology You Should Know About – Part 2

There are clear lenses that darken when you go outdoors. There are sunglasses that are polarized and block the glare.  Never before have everyday eyeglass lenses been able to both darken and polarize in bright, outdoor light and stay clear indoors until now.  Transitions recently announced that they have a revolutionary new lens hitting the optical marketplace on May 1st called the Transitions Vantage lenses.

The folks at Transitions took the lenses you already know and love and added variable polarization that increases as the lenses get darker.  As Transition Vantage lenses get darker, vision gets crisper, sharper and more vivid, while glare is reduced in even the brightest outdoor conditions.   Color contrast and perception becomes richer, vibrant and more vivid giving you clearer vision and great depth perception.  You almost have to see it to believe it!

Transitions Adaptive lenses are now available in many lens styles, and formats and made in several different materials with more coming very soon.  To see this amazing new product technology from Transitions come visit us at Family Eye Health.

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Brand New Lens Technology You Should Know About – Part 1

Working with eyewear everyday is more fun and challenging than one might think.  Just trying to keep current with all of the new products flooding the optical marketplace is mind boggling.  As consumers, we have more treatments and options to customize your eyewear like never before!  I would like to touch off on several brand new products you may have never heard of, but I feel they are noteworthy and can truly enhance your eyewear experience by giving the best vision possible.

The first product I would like to introduce is called OptifogOptifog comes from the Varilux family of products and can be added to your Crizal anti reflective treatment or TD2 hard coat for the best anti fogging treatment available today.  Those of us here in the northeast can attest, winter can be problematic with lenses fogging when you go between warm and cold environments.  Foggy lenses can cause vision impairment that can lead to accidents.  We have all had those “foggy moments” with our sunglasses too, when we are hard at work, playing sports, or just enjoying the great outdoors.

Optifog can be used on sunwear, prescription ski and swim goggles, as well as our everyday glasses to give fog free Another Foggy Momentvision .  Optifog is a two part system; part one is the anti fogging property of the lens that is incorporated with the hard coat or anti reflective treatment, and part two is a drop of activator (which comes with the new lenses) that deep cleans the lens and keeps the lenses fog free up to one week or until it is washed off the lenses.  This product works well and is recommended for people who work in the food service industry, sports enthusiasts, elderly people, people who live in cooler climates, firefighters,  or anyone who hates fogging lenses.  The cost is about $30 – $40 more  depending on lens type and must be coupled with Crizal anti glare or TD2 hard coats.  Optifog is also compatible with Transitions lenses, polarized lenses and is available on most Varilux branded products.  To see a demonstration on how this new technology works or to get more product information, come in and visit us at Family Eye Health.

Optifog is running a series of “foggy moment” commercials right now on television.  Follow the link below to see these humorous situations that fogging lenses can get us into.  The Butcher The Doll The Dog

Which one did you like best?  We would love to hear your comments!

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Now Available, Smart Glasses for your Smart Phone

The world has been transformed by digital communications. Our fingers have become the mouse, which causes these devices to be held closer. During the day the constant texting, emailing, web surfing, gaming and social networking can cause excessive stress on the . Even children are experiencing eye strain due to their increased usage of mobile and hand held gaming devices. Our eyes are now compensating and accommodating for near work most of the day, placing a higher demand on focusing and reducing the blink rate. Our eyes have difficulty focusing on back lit surfaces of hand held devices causing them to have to constantly focus and refocus. This causes eye muscle fatigue. Blinking is substantially effected being reduced from 18 blinks per minute when we are veiwing things in the distance, to 6 blinks per minute when using hand held devices. The reduced blink rate combined with constant focusing and refocusing, causes digital vision eyestrain. For those people with smart phones that are looking for a solution for their eyestrain and fatigue issues caused by the exhausting demand of continuallly focusing on back lit screens, small fonts, and near distances; there is an answer!

Sync Lenses have been designed to naturally support the exacting variable distance focusing demends placed on the eyes to provide more relaxed vision in all directions and at all distances. They provide needed assistance to the eye while constantly focusing and refocusing to intermediate and near distances to handle the detail work or “gadget time”. Clear vision without any extra effort! Sound good to you?

You can contact me if you have any questions about this product at:, or come in to visit me at Family Eye Health at 220 Sabattus St. Lewiston, Me. Monday through Friday.

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DriveWear Lenses, are they the right fit for you?

English: Author's own creation. Oakley Half Wi...

DriveWear lenses in an Oakley frame

DriveWear is a wonderful sun lens technology that not many people know about. As part of the Transitions family of products, it is a little different than Transitions; it is polarized to provide the wearer with the appropriate visual solution!  DriveWear lenses are capable of sensing and reacting to varying light conditions both outside and also behind the windshield of your car. From bright sunlight accompanied by intense, blinding glare, to overcast inclement weather conditions.   Theses lens provide amazing glare protection through polarization and enhanced to protect your vision through photochromatics, which respond to both visible and UV light. By combining the strengths of two of the most important technologies in eyewear today, DriveWear has developed the lens of tomorrow.  In overcast and low light conditions the lens is a soft green color which is designed to maximize useful light and cut through fog and haze. In daylight or behind the steering wheel of your car the lenses turn amber brown which is designed to remove excess light and provide great traffic signal recognition highlighting the reds and greens, it also allows the wearer great depth perception when looking down the road. Outside in the bright sunlight conditions  the lens will saturate to a dark brown giving maximum filtration of excess light,  providing high contrast color to provide maximum comfort in high light conditions while protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

If you have any question about DriveWear please contact us.

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